Nahila Hussain

Mizan Healing & Life Coaching

Wise Womb Nurturer - Life Coach - Mizan practitioner

Bringing Out Our Best Selves

Supporting Women's Health

Nahila is a life coach and Mizan practitioner and has a passion for aromatherapy and the benefits it has supporting women’s health.

Nahila is extremely passionate in supporting women from all age groups and backgrounds through the struggles they face as women with their bodies emotionally and physically. Mizan therapy supported Nahila and helped her heal after a 14 year battle with endometriosis, from which she was blessed with the life of her beautiful son.

As a Mizan therapist, Nahila helps support women to live a healthy and happy life from her home in Harrow where she has created a relaxing and safe space for her clients.

Nahila is also one of the Directors of Evolve initiative; a community-interest company, working with young adults 18-25-year-olds and supporting them with creating opportunities for them to excel in their future.

Cherished Muslimah is proud to have Nahila as part of its team of Wise Womb Nurturers, a group of women committed to helping women to connect to the mercy of their wombs.

Nahila has been married for 20 years and is a mother of 4, lives in Harrow Middlesex.

If you would like to contact Nahila to start your journey to reconnect and heal your body and mind you can do that here:

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'Happiness and fulfilment come from helping others in any way possible.'

- Nahila Husaain