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Uncover - Embody - Shine

If you are a Muslimah who wants to take a deep dive into living through your own power, then you need to transform... From Average to Phenomenal!


From Average to Phenomenal is Cherished Muslimah’s 12-week coaching programme that shows women how to create love, respect and satisfaction in their lives and relationships.

Come and start your journey of transformation - by prioritising what is important to you and working towards creating the life of your dreams.

I am here to partner you and encourage you during your journey of change – let’s transform!


"Cherished Muslimah - the modern WISE woman training program! 

It forces you to stop living superficially forcing you to go deep and face the reality of who you are and the nature of all your relationships - with Allah, yourself, your spouse, your child/children, and others.

Sara provides the tools to strengthen and have authentic relationships in all areas. She does it all with love, care, calling on Allah, and with grace. One of the things I like most about the program is the connection to the 99 names of Allah.

With Sara’s guidance I am on my way out of a long-term toxic relationship and on the path InshaAllah to establish a stronger relationship with Allah (swt).

I believe Cherished Muslimah can transform you from being average to phenomenal!"

- A Cherished Muslimah 

It’s time to say goodbye to the old you. 

I know that you are so good at putting yourself last and having time for everyone but yourself.  I know you never have time for you.

It can be so overwhelming to change your habits that seem like second nature to you, and you may find it hard to believe you could ever find out how to kick-start yourself back into life.

As humans, we are social and relational beings; and if we lack love or respect from others then we suffer.  Yet it can seem too difficult to get our needs met from others as we don’t have the right words.

It’s time to say goodbye to the old you that:

  • Is yearning for more from life
  • Is overwhelmed from too much to do
  • Lacks autonomy in her life
  • Feels unloved and unappreciated
  • Always feel depleted
  • Find it difficult to put down boundaries with others

And it’s time to change that!  You are worthy of all the beautiful things this life has to offer.  No more feeling guilty for prioritising what’s important to YOU. 

I know how you feel…

I know how important it is for women to learn how to take ownership of their lives.  I didn’t know how to do that when I was young, and I didn’t know how to communicate or get my needs met.

I remember being disconnected from my purpose, not feeling fulfilled and going through the motions.  My breakthrough came when I started to put my own needs first and in doing so, I found myself and my relationships starting to thrive – and I want to help you to do the same thing.



First recorded in 1580–90; from Late Latin phaenomenon, from Greek phainómenon “appearance,” noun use of neuter of phainómenos, present participle of phaínesthai “to appear, become visible,” passive of phaínein “to show, bring to light, make known” (

This extraordinary word comes from the relatively ordinary Greek phainomenon, "appearance," and its Proto-Indo-European root bha-, "to shine." (

Would like to be Phenomenal?

If you would like to say goodbye to the part of you that is prone to getting burnt-out then a 12-week deep immersion to work on your challenges may be just what you need! Over the course of 12 weeks I will partner you as you heal from the childhood wounds that you are holding on to, so that you can create the life you want and shine.

I will teach you empowering skills that will allow you to embody the four merciful traits of leadership, love, justice and wisdom.  They are all within you, like buried treasure – all you need to do is start digging, get your hands dirty (we believe that dirt of good!), and bring them to light, so you can meet yourself with care and love.

Are You Ready to Shine?


Personal Coaching

12 Weekly Sessions

Reading Material

Manual, workbook & worksheets


Focus on your challenges


Meditation and hypnosis when needed

Relationship Skills

Learn how to improve your relationships

Marriage Skills

Learn how to connect with the masculine energy in your husband

Self Healing

Heal the wounded parts of your self


Put yourself and your needs first

Cyclical Living

Embrace your hormonal cycles and thrive energetically

Inner Strengths

Retire disempowering parts of you and embody your strengths


Learn how to communicate to get the results you desire

Boundary Setting

Learn how to set dignified, firm boundaries

Testimonial - Digging Deep to Heal

"Working with Sara has been amazing! I started my healing journey with Sara just under 2 years ago. It was so much more than the issues I thought needed addressing.

The more we dug together the more I realised how much I really needed to address.

Sara is patient, kind and very warm in the way she deals with difficult conversations.

2 years later, I'm a different person. I'm happier and stronger and I have learnt that it's ok to put yourself first (it's not selfish!!!!). Yes, things still need working through but I would 100% recommend anyone having a tough time to pick up the phone or contact Sara ... And begin their journey to healing."

- A Cherished Muslimah 

I've done the research for you...

I've been coaching women for over 13 years now, and I have brought all my learnings into one place so you have ready access to everything you need to create a healthy life and nourishing relationships. This means that you don't have to read the hundreds of books I have read or go learn all the different experts on communication, boundary setting, archetypal living, relational development - you can find it all here under one roof - your Cherished Seasons home.


Nourish Yourself from Within

It is time to welcome and embody the power you have within you, by becoming balanced in your archetypal energies of the Lover, Warrioress, Mother, Queen and Wise Woman.

You will find out how to resource yourself with the archetypes so you can access them whenever you need them!

Here's what happens when you become a Cherished Muslimah:

❤ Everything you do transforms into purposeful worship

❤ You actively looks for ways to be loved by Allah

❤ You strive to emulate the perfect, mercifully strong ways of The Messenger of Allah ﷺ 

❤ You become an embodiment of merciful leadership, love, justice and wisdom!

 You connect with your power as a Muslim woman

 You connect with time and start to honour your energy

 You love what it means to be a woman!


"The time will come when, with elation, you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror and each will smile at the other's welcome"

- Derek Walcott


Here's what we stand for at Cherished Muslimah:

Cherishing Your Soul

We do everything for sake of Allah’s love

We use every moment to connect to The Messenger of Allah ﷺ

Cherishing Yourself

When we focus on getting love from inside, it is easier to send it out to others and the world

When we show gratitude, we get abundance back


Cherishing Others

We commit to Full-Respect living, where we can all thrive

We believe that 'self-development' is only effective if it supports healthy relationships 


Cherishing Archetypes

By tapping into the energies of the Warrioress, Lover, Mother, Queen and Wise Woman we are well resourced for anything life gives us!

We can give ourselves what we need by connecting our hormonal cycles with Mother Earth’s archetypal seasons

Testimonial - Saved Our Marriage

"I reached a point in my marriage where I felt nothing and no one was helping. We were planning to live apart and discussing child care. I knew I wanted a successful marriage with husband; we are both good people who love each other.

Reaching out to Sara and the attention she gives, the guidance, the support has saved me, and has saved our marriage.
There is lots of work to be done I pray with Sara’s coaching and invaluable advice we can be a successful family inshaAllah."
- A Cherished Muslimah 

Authentic, Resourced and Empowered

Behave and live the way that you truly want to

Be well resourced for whatever life gives you

Be the embodiment of feminine strength

Stop being depleted and do the things that really matter to you

Access your strengths whenever you need them

Focus your time, energy and attention and attention on the habits you need to learn, without overwhelm

Focused and Supported Change

The Cherished Muslimah Embodiment Programme is a twelve-week coaching programme designed to empower you from within – access your innate merciful traits of leadership, love, justice and wisdom.

Over the course of twelve consecutive weeks, you will have a weekly coaching session in which you will learn how to create a merciful, peaceful life whilst being authentic, resourced and empowered.

I will be sharing how you can tap into your innate strength that is forgotten or asleep. You know, that wisdom thing we all talk about?  I will show you how to be WISE!  As one of the Cherished Muslimahs said, I will show how to transform from average to phenomenal!

You will be getting 12 weeks of support and encouragement as you tackle some of the biggest challenges of your life – and during this time, I will be there to hold you and cheer you on as you eventually come out the other side – a transformed woman, inshaAllah!

If you are ready to change, then what are you waiting for? Book a FREE Discovery Call with me and let’s get started on YOUR Cherished Muslimah journey!

Returning Cherished Muslimahs

Because I love and value the Cherished Muslimahs who have already had private coaching with me before, all of my returning clients will get a special discount for continued coaching - just contact me!


and let's explore how you can be empowered and loved in a way the both you and your relationships thrive!

12-Week Programme


Get started today!

  • 12 weeks of private one-to-one coaching at a time and location that suits you
  • Targeted focus on the 12 habits of Cherished Muslimahs that YOU need in your life
  • Systemised and structured learning for to embody The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah
  • Allah-centred and Muhammadan ﷺ  
  • Relational-development vs self-development

Testimonial - Saved My Life

My dearest Sara, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have taught me. Honestly speaking, I would be probably dead by now or seriously unwell if I would not have met you. Allah has answered all of my duas and hopes to recover and He the Most Exalted did it through you. I am a totally different person now alhamdulillah but I am still on my journey; it’s not easy, I’ve still got a lot to learn.

Alhamdulillah my daughter is also good, it has been really hard with her in the past few days due to school holidays but alhamdulillah I am handling it OK. Everything is OK with my husband alhamdulillah. He helps more and I am able to communicate with him effectively thanks to your techniques and advice and I also take into consideration his cycle.

- A Cherished Muslimah 


Salam, I'm Sara!

I am the founder of Cherished Muslimah, and I am passionate about helping women create lives and relationships that are filled with love and respect, so they feel fulfilled and powerful beyond measure as Muslimahs. I do this by resurrecting the true Islamic meaning of womanhood.  

My coaching model is based on my own life journey and experiences - I fixed up and now help Muslimahs do the same. (Don't get me wrong, I'm still fixing up every day, even now).  I am determined to help women tap into their Soft Power so they can be feminine, be loved and still be empowered and strong.

I got married at 18 and have been married almost 25 years mashaAllah to my ever-optimistic and supportive husband, Jawad.  My three sons are now grown men, and my daughter is soon to start secondary school.

I struggled as a young wife as I was a people pleaser and boundaryless, which led to me having a breakdown where I literally couldn’t get out of bed, I was so burnt out. I went on to fix my marriage by tapping into my feminine energy, bringing out leadership in my husband. I realised very quickly I needed boundaries, so I add that to my toolkit too.

Through this journey, I naturally evolved into a relationship coach for women, so I could help them to do the same,

I have been coaching women in relationship skills since 2009 and have since written a book, The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah.

I partner women in becoming well-resourced through Allah and His Messenger ﷺ  and by accessing the innate power they have within them so that they thrive in their own lives and their relationships thrive, too.

I help women to connect to their inner, archetypal energies so they can radiate Soft Power and cultivate intimate relationships through relational empowerment.

Testimonial - Embody the women powertypes.

When I started the 12 weeks of coaching with Sara I was having challenges balancing my day to day commitments, setting goals and creating healthy  boundaries for myself. 

I was absolutely amazed at the structure and content of the course and how it helped me as a woman step into my relevant powertype so I could embody my natural traits of Queen, Mother, wise women, Lover and Warrioress.

Sara is an absolute master at bringing out qualities within us to help us to be balanced in our innate traits, she is patient and thorough and helps you feel relaxed and at ease.

Each coaching call I had I came away with tools to support me in every aspect of my daily challenges, and I soon realised the power/soft power that we as women can use to traverse through every situation we may come across. To fully embody whichever powertype we need to step into.  It was a new world of deep connection with myself, Allah, family, friends and acquaintances.

One of the many tools used was Batching for energy matching. This was a game-changer for me, learning how to use the powertypes and batch my daily tasks so I didn't feel overwhelmed physically and mentally. I learned how to be intentional and through embodying the powertypes my energy was focused and directed just where it needed to be. AMAZING.

This course is for all women young, married, single, women of all ages.

It will empower you to step into your special qualities and truly become a Cherished Muslimah.

- A Cherished Muslimah 


 Weekly one-to-one private coaching calls 

 In-depth Skills Learning   

 Time management skills

 Flexible times that suit you

 Learn to connect with everyone

 Sessions face to face or zoom    

 3 month focus on YOU      

 Weekly support during your journey

The Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile 

We all have access to our archetypal energies - at Cherished Muslimah we call them the five Women’s PowerTypes™. 

When you take the Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile, you find out which of the archetypes you have ready access to, and which ones you could bring back to life.

As part of the Cherished Muslimah 12 Week Embodiment Programme, you can take this online test - which is normally $97 (£77). As a One of Many Certified Women's Coach, I will send you a personalized report and teach you exactly which key areas have been holding you back from becoming powerful beyond measure.


Testimonial - Feeling Safe and Held

As each day passes by I am witnessing the subtle changes of growth within me. I'm connecting with Allah swt on a deeper level, I'm beginning to feel the synchronicity between myself, nature and the creation of Allah swt. I feel my sense of understanding, compassion, love and wisdom is begin to deepen.

Sara is so loving, gentle, compassionate and wise as she guides me through my personal journey. The sisterhood is absolutely amazing, everyone feels at home, we share, we comfort, we support, we learn, we nurture, we grow.

From feeling like I didn't belong no matter how hard I tried to fit into the world I now feel as though I have finally returned home to a place where I am loved and cherished. I feel held, safe, supported and in a state of inner peace that I have never felt before.

- A Cherished Muslimah 

Learn Relational Skills for Love, Life and Work 

Comprehensive and clear steps on how to learn relationship skills

Manage your time, energy and productivity in a way that honours you at every moment and area of your life – at home or work

Self-development in a way that benefits and nurtures your relationships

In-depth reference manual, worksheets and information sheets for instant help and guidance

Receive a complimentary copy of both The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah and its companion workbook so that you can cultivate the four traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice in your marriage, relationships and life, as soon as possible.


Let's journey together to create the life you desire 

12-Week Programme


Get started today!

  • 12 weeks of private one-to-one coaching at a time and location that suits you
  • Targeted focus on the 12 habits of Cherished Muslimahs that YOU need in your life
  • Systemised and structured learning for to embody The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah
  • Allah-centred and Muhammadan ﷺ  
  • Relational-development vs self-development

Testimonial - Loving Life, Myself and Having Fun!

On the Verge of a Breakdown

I would like to say to anyone thinking of doing this course that this course is not just for young girls or young women, it is also for older women. I am a mother of three adults and a grandmother, and I was feeling a bit hesitant about what I would learn in this course. You can call me Mrs A. I was having boundary issues at home with my loved ones, and I felt I was near a breakdown or a burnout, so I decided to go ahead and experience it and try the course for myself. 

Saying No, Nicely

I used to feel hesitant saying no to people for tasks, and then I would be very nice; I’d go along with them, but now I’d come to a point where I was feeling on the verge of a breakdown and burnout. I wanted to do things for my loved ones, but I felt I needed limits, to say no in a nice way without being rude or seeming selfish. What really helped me with this was embodying the Queen archetype. I felt I’d never been a Queen; I’ve been like a servant all my life who has served others. This helped me make my boundaries easier and say no – in a nice way, without being rude.

Time for Others, And Me

I learned how I could allow people to be near me when I chose to and then move them to place them further from me when I felt overwhelmed. I realised that I could be there for my loved ones when they needed me, but there may be times when I need myself, and I need to be with me and my Lord to recuperate to get the strength to feel energised relaxed and calm. That helped me a lot with letting go of my feeling of guilt.

I also learnt about how males and females communicate differently, which helped me a lot with my relationships with my adult sons. I learnt to keep quiet when talking to men - asking them to do things and then trusting them to do it well, letting go and let them finish the task. It gave them confidence, and they felt validated, listened to and valued. That, in return, improved my relationship with them, and I’ve learnt to sit back and relax!

Loving Life, Myself and Having Fun!

I’ve also learnt how to be the Lover. I initially felt a bit shy, but then I learnt it’s about expressing love to the people we love who are in our lives and loving yourself - not in a selfish way. I have realised that I am just as important as anybody else, and Allah has created me.

And I also learnt about bringing fun into my life! I didn’t know what fun meant so I learnt doing simple things like putting on red shoes and gloves and doing the housework could be fun!

I also learnt that just relaxing and sitting in the park by the trees, looking at each leaf and admiring how God has made each and every leaf different and made the beautiful colours around me. I took my colouring materials there to look at the leaves and draw them, and by doing that, I discovered the artist in me.

These are some of the ways I’ve rediscovered myself and transformed by Allah’s help, so I’m going to say come along & experience it for yourself too!

- Mrs A