The Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile

How well do you embody the four merciful traits?


We all have access to our archetypal energies - at Cherished Muslimah we call them the five Women’s PowerTypes™. 

When you take the Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile, you find out which of the archetypes you have ready access to, and which ones you could bring back to life.

Balance Through Embodiment

A unique profiling tool that will show you the strengths and weaknesses of your archetypal energies. Through this you will begin to understand the reason you have success in certain skills and not in others – and you will find out how you can strengthen the areas you need to!

If you want to live a balanced life and embody The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah, then this profiling questionnaire will show you how!

PowerTypes™ Profiling


Top features

  • Take a quick online questionnaire to gauge how well you can embody the five Women's PowerTypes™

  • Receive a report and see how much access you have to each of these archetypal energies.

  • Learn how you can embrace these powerful archetypes, or PowerTypes™ in your life, and how you can embody them to connect with your inner powers of vitality, radiance, mercy, dignity and wisdom!


Embody the Four Traits

Find out how easily you can access your PowerTypes™ so that you can embody the four merciful traits of leadership, love, justice and wisdom:

The Warrioress

She is the energetic part of you that drives you to excel in your leadership trait

The Lover

She is the captivating, sensual part of you that connects you to your love trait

The Mother

She is the central, all-encompassing, caring part of you that helps you connect to all of the four traits from a place of mercy

The Queen

She is the serene yet powerful part of you that upholds your justice trait

The Sourceress / Wise Woman

She is the knowing, intuitive part of you that is connected to her Source, The Divine, Allah, at all times, who makes manifest your wisdom trait

The Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile 

Come and take the PowerTypes™ Questionnaire and book a Discovery Call if you would like to debrief your profile and see how your life can be transformed through archetypal living!