Ladies-Only Guidelines 

Come and join us while we look after ourselves, learn how to self-massage, and talk about our lives, cycles and wombs!

A Safe Ladies-Only Space

This is a ladies-only event, and in order to honour all of the team members hosting the event and all of our guests, we are kindly and lovingly letting you know that there are some 'guidelines' for the day, and your attendance is only allowed if you comply with the following:

  • You must be female, if you are not, do not attend
  • Ensure that no males (above the age of 7) can see/hear the event, which will take place on Zoom - that means doors closed ☺️!
  • No recordings are permitted to be taken

So, start making your preparations, let your family know in advance that you will be busy enjoying an evening of self-care!  


We can't wait to self-care with you! 

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