Evening Line-Up 

We have so much planned for you!  InshaAllah here's the intention!

So Much Planned!

Here's the current lineup - it's going to be an amazing evening!

Using Essential Oils for Health & Wellness

The Womb and Emotional Release

Importance of Self-Care

Taking time out as women, mothers, homemakers

Honouring our cycles

Being present when eating food

Womb-Healthy Eating

Using Essential Oils in Cooking, Supplements

Avoiding Artificial Sweeteners & Colours

Dhikr & Poetry


5 Live Self-Care Sessions

During the course of the wellness evening, we are also going to be having 5 Self-Care Sessions. 

In order to make it an interactive experience for all of us, we have prepared premium single-use DIY Self-Care Kits using therapeutic-grade doTERRA oils, containing all the ingredients you need to have a premium experience!

If you purchased a premium ticket, you will receive a DIY Self Care Kit through the post inshaAllah, for the following self-care sessions:

Clove and Wild Orange Warming Hand Scrub

Nurturing Womb Massage
with Cherished Muslimah’s very own Signature ‘Rahma’ AromaBlend ©

Serenity © Stress Relief Self Massage

Lavender and Lemon Deep Breathing Tranceformation

Invigorating Peppermint & Lime Foot Spa

We can't wait to self-care with you! 

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